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Migraine Clinical Research
With your help, we are making life better by bringing new and more effective medications to people who need them. You help with the successful conduct of research studies by participating in research studies and by telling others about research studies. Your participation is a contribution to society and is appreciated.

Tekton Research is looking for research study participants to enroll in clinical trials.

Are Migraines controlling your life? If you are one of the 45 million Americans that suffer from migraines/ headaches and you are between the ages of 18-65, call us at 512-759-8307 or Click to Register and find out if you qualify for a screening visit!

Migraine Clinical Research Study

Compensation up to $1,600

• Clinical trials are designed to evaluate whether a new medication or device is safe and effective for humans.
• Participation is vitally important in bringing new and improved medications to people who need them.
• Your participation in a clinical trial is completely voluntary. You may discontinue participation at any time during a clinical trial.

Why Tekton?

Tekton Research is a clinical research site that focuses on the conduct of clinical trials for pharmaceutical and device companies with deliberate concentration on knowledge, skills and integrity. All staff will be well trained in order to carry out daily functions of the company while meeting the standards of the company in delivering services. Processes are implemented to insure validity and consistency in procedures and services. A unique focus on personal growth and utilization of strengths helps individuals achieve personal goals, as well as goals of the company.


“I have participated in research for a decade. Tekton Research is the most friendly and caring facility I have ever experienced. It feels like family and the doctor takes his time.”

“Everyone is super nice and helpful! Happy to contribute to a successful clinical research facility. They made me feel so comfortable and confident in my participation.”

Gloria S.


Suffering from Migraines?

Compensation up to $1,600

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